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Search Marketing
Advanced Marketing Tools/Top ranked on products & search pages to drive sales up
Store Network: stay in touch with your existing customers. Send them (in their G5Mart account) instant updates on new arrivals, gift cards, coupons, promo codes, newsletters, etc
Add unlimited products and customize product categories
Sell individual tangible items, packs and/or wholesale products
Sell downloadable items (e-newspapers, photos, documents, e-lessons, e-books)
Offer e-Coupons: Early Bird, Free Shipping, Buy More & Pay Less and New Customer coupons
Offer Special Promo: Buy 1 & Get 1 free; Buy 1 & Get the Second at half price; Buy 1 & Get the second at lower price, Get % Off; Get $ off
Offer Special Promo on next purchase
Offer Free Gift Cards
Advanced Email Marketing: reach out to potential customers & friends and convert friends to customers Send them promo codes, gift cards, coupons and best priced products
Process Order: Track shipping, orders, deliveries & process disputes/refunds with ease
Sell customized gift cards
Shopping cart integrated with payment gateway and shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx and USPS Priority)
Customize your shipping rates & offer free shipping on qualified items
Real-time sales reports, Store Statistics, Promo Sales inventory
G5Mart e-Wallet (Quick Checkout)
Build your own e-Newsletter list
Customer service support (24/7)
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