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About Us

G5Mart Marketplace is a one stop online shopping mall where you can sell and/or buy with trust and ease across the globe.

G5Mart offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, organizations and corporations to own their online store and be successful in international e-commerce.

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About G5Mart  

G5Mart Marketplace is a one stop online shopping mall where you can sell and/or buy with trust and ease across the globe. G5Mart offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, organizations and corporations to own their online store and be successful in international e-commerce. Our user-friendly platform is equipped with advanced e-marketing and networking tools that are specifically designed to help optimize sales. G5Mart is all in one convenient place.

We are committed to your business growth, and as a result, we provide you with all necessary tools you need to achieve that goal. We made it pretty simple!

G5Mart values

Four steady values sustain G5Mart: Integrity, Trust, Transparency and Commitment. All our employees follow these core values.

G5Mart Features & Benefits

Promotional Offers

  • Run a series of special promotional sales with the following types of discounts:
    Buy 1 & Get 1 free, Buy 1 & Get the second at half price, Buy 1 & Get the second at a lower price, Get % Off, Get $ off.
  • Offer your customers special discounts on their next purchase to drive up sales.
  • Offer your customers Free Gift Cards to boost sales especially during holidays.
  • Customize promotional offers to include or exclude particular categories/subcategories and products and/or apply promotional offer to a bulk of products and save time.
  • Track in-real time promo sales inventory
  • Offer free shipping or special shipping on specific products
  • Create promotional e-flyers with no hassle. e-Flyers are automatically created upon submitting your promo offers and are instantly posted on your store home page and in your customers G5Mart account to view and/or share with their own friends. Your customers will never miss out your promo offers. We made it simple and convenient to help promote your store in few clicks.
  • Benefit from our e-marketing & search tools to get your store in front of potential customers
  • Solicit online donations (for stores owned by nonprofit organizations only) Sign Up Now


  • Create Early Bird Coupons: add your own discount coupon ($ type or % type) and coupon expiration date for particular products.
  • Create New Customer Coupons: this coupon is uniquely designed to drive first time customers to your store.
  • Create Free Shipping Coupons: offering free shipping always helps increase sale volumes. You can create this coupon by defining your own parameters such as minimum to spend in the store to qualify for free shipping and qualifying shipping carriers for each destination.
  • Create Buy More & Pay Less Coupons: this is a great coupon that gives instant discount on the total due at checkout when customers spend a minimum dollar amount you specify or their total due falls in a specific price range you define. The more they spend in your store, the more discounts they get. E.g. Get $10 off if you spend between $50 and $100, or get $15 OFF if you spend between $101 and $200 or simply get 20% discount if you spend a minimum of $30. Sign Up Now

Email Marketing Features: Promote your store, get it in front of potential customers and friends

  • Send personalized emails to all your customers in your network in just one click to promote your store and update them on best priced products, gift cards, coupons, promo offers, new arrivals, best selling products, etc using our Messaging and Newsletter features.
  • Network with existing customers via our networking feature. At G5Mart, you don't just own a store but a Store Network where you are constantly in touch with your customers to build loyalty and trust.
  • Email e-flyers to friends, newsletter subscribers and customers and share across the web to drive more traffic to your store home page and boost sales.
  • Build your own e-Newsletter list. Your store home page comes with a Newsletter box located on the bottom left corner of the page. Customers and friends can join your newsletter list to receive updates on your products, coupons and promo offers, etc
  • Create your own address book and email all your contacts (using our Share with Friends feature) your best- priced products and/or promo offers in just one click.
  • Turn friends into buyers using our user-friendly Share with Friends feature.
  • Use our "Email me when back to store" feature to instantly email subscribers when out-of-stock product are back in store.
  • Share all your listed products in the G5Mart Marketplace on major social network websites. Sign Up Now

Store home page & Customized shipping rates and return/refund policies

  • Add your own store name and logo
  • Get personalized store home page (unique link containing store name) with shopping cart integrated with payment gateway and shipping carriers of your choice (UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority)
  • Customize shipping rates per shopper's destination country, shipping carrier and order value or simply set flat shipping rates regardless of order value
  • Offer free shipping on specific products to increase sales
  • Offer special shipping fees on specific products
  • Add your own return/refund policies Sign Up Now


  • Add an unlimited number of products, no bandwidth restrictions!
  • Create your own online product catalog (product image, product name, product description, Product ID, sizes, colors, prices, coupon value, shipping fee, quantity in stock, etc)
  • Track in real-time sales inventory and quantity left in stock
  • Receive email alert when quantity in-stock falls below a certain value you specify
  • Edit product
  • Customize your product categories and/or subcategories by adding new categories/subcategories
  • Set early bird coupon while adding new products
  • Add associate product (“You May Also Like” section)
  • Sell tangible products
  • Sell packs
  • Sell wholesale products
  • Sell downloadable products (photos, documents, e-books, e-newspapers, e-lessons)
  • Set product pricing per product size
  • Set new products and/or featured products

Sell customized gift certificates

  • Create customized gift certificate (upload your own Gift Certificate image, pricing and expiration date) and start selling them in your store. Customers can directly buy gift certificates from your store, email them to their friends and/or family and redeem them later.

Process order with ease: we made it hassle-free, easy and secure

  • Process order within your G5Mart vendor account and get real-time order status updates
  • View order receipt, print pre-designed packaging slip and order receipt to ship with package
  • Send (from your G5Mart account) your customers their order shipping tracking number
  • Track orders and shipment via carrier's website
  • Request funds release upon successful order delivery and get paid

Sales reports and Statistics

  • Get real-time reports on products sold, top selling products; top rated products, sales counts
  • Get instant reports on products available in stock (in-stock and out-of-stock products) and sales Statistics.

Process Dispute and refund customers

  • Process dispute within your G5Mart vendor account with ease
  • Issue refunds and G5Mart takes care of the rest.

Customer service support (24/7) Sign Up Now